Acquisition Capital.

Securing Acquisition Capital with Edge.

Edge Capital provides both sponsor-backed and non-sponsor-backed, private or public companies, with capital needed to acquire other assets or businesses. Rather than submitting to the uncertainty of long application processes from regulated institutions or diluting equity, Edge Capital provides quick access to the flexible capital needed to fund the purchase of a company or the acquisition of a new subsidiary or business line. Deals can be won or lost on speed and momentum. Banks may be required to go through countless layers of approvals to use bank funding toward acquisitions, which takes valuable time businesses often don’t have. Market share can be lost waiting for responses. And even if an acquisition expense is “bankable”, many companies instead to decide to borrow from non-bank lenders for the flexibility that comes with it.

Our Edge.

  • NEdge Capital gives its borrowers the freedom to make business expansion decisions without hoops to jump through or undue time spent waiting for internal approvals.
  • NInstead of a check-the-box credit evaluation process, Edge looks to the projections and future plans of its borrowers, including going concern, pre-revenue, pre-turnaround, reboot and transitioning companies.
  • NNot only do we lend against accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, and owner occupied commercial real estate, Edge also factors in an abundance of imperfect collateral.
  • NWhere applicable, we can flex industry-typical rigid advance rates and parameters to fit the needs of specific businesses.
  • NRather than focusing on current cashflows and past company performance, Edge looks holistically at a company – to its projections, the typical billing practices of its specific market and its growth needs - to craft bespoke lending solutions that maximize borrower availability.

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