Our Edge.

How We Provide Edge.

Edge Capital is a family office-backed specialty finance company, free from the layers of approvals, one-size-fits-all-approach, caps, industry prohibitions, and regulations of other financial lending institutions. We chose the name Edge as our new business name to represent the advantage that freedom brings us, and in turn you, in the specialty finance market. In the trading business, the word “edge” means, “any technique, observation or approach that creates an advantage over other traders,” www.Investopedia.com. At Edge Capital, we are able to pass along our advantage, or edge, to our borrowers, providing more availability than most other lenders can because of our freedom to create bespoke lending structures, lend into untraditional industries and leverage different types of collateral.

We employ the concept of  “edge” to create solutions for :

  • KCompanies, situations and structures we can offer borrowers that others can’t because of regulatory or other limitations
  • KBusinesses with underserved capital needs because of other funders’ constraints or perceptions rather than risk
  • KInnovation opportunities in the archaic world of asset-based lending to provide additional value to borrowers, reduce our risk, speed up time to close deals and, to make the process of finding new borrowers less opportunistic

Our Mission :

Our firm’s mission is to question and improve long-held industry practices, maximize flexibility for the companies we work with and partner with our borrowers through transitions, both expected and unexpected.

…We chose Edge due to their ability to provide a higher loan to value ratio against inventory, and an overall more flexible solution than other lenders. Edge’s upfront underwriting process enabled them to stay true to their term sheet and gave us the confidence around certainty and timing of close.

Adam Barker, Co-Founder, New Forest Capital

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