Supply-Chain Capital.

Securing Supply Chain Capital with Edge.

The recent Pandemic has confirmed that modern supply chains must be built on more resilient foundations. Not just to help manage risk, but to be better positioned to deal with and even gain advantage from disruptions. Companies must maintain agility and have flexible capital on hand when opportunities and orders arise. Instead of diluting equity, depleting cash reserves or declining orders due to cash-flow constraints, Edge Capital’s flexible supply-chain finance solutions allow companies to apply its capital to accept large or long lead-time orders for inventory purchases both overseas and domestically.

Our ability to react quickly due to our flat organizational structure and to customize an optimal supply chain financing solution is what helps to enable our borrowers to create edge in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment.

Our Edge.

  • NEdge lends against in-transit inventory.
  • NEdge provides inventory heavy loan structures for e-commerce or highly seasonal businesses.
  • NEdge makes accommodations for top-tier customer concentrations.
  • NEdge is open to lending against foreign collateral in some jurisdictions.
  • NEdge considers purchase order funding when accompanied by a revolver.
  • NEdge can offer over-advance facilities when companies are growing quickly.

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