Our Culture.

“Truly great companies understand the difference between what should never change and what should be open for change, between what is sacred and what is not.”

Jim Collins

At Edge Capital, we are united in the following Edge Team “6 Non-Negotiables”:

  • KCommitment to integrity, to great customer service and to being solutions-oriented with our borrowers
  • KCommitment to truth seeking, thinking probabilistically and learning from data
  • KCommitment to innovation, i.e. solving borrower problems in untraditional ways and bringing novel technology to specialty finance lending
  • KCommitment to serving the “white spaces” in the market, helping companies with profiles that others can’t lend to or are afraid to
  • KCommitment to empowering each other, and respecting each team member for their unique skills and backgrounds
  • KCommitment to being open to change, and to changing (evolving) personally

…When we were thinking of what we wanted to call ourselves, it was important to us that the new name felt genuine to who we are and not just a random word. “Edge” is a word we use all of the time as a team. Once we thought of it as an option, we all immediately said “that’s it!”

Meredith Carter, President & CEO, Edge Capital

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