John N. Culbertson

Management Board, Investment Committee, Credit Committee

An industry veteran of more than 30 years, John’s experience encompasses quantitative trading, asset allocation, venture and private equity investing, and family office advisory. He is currently the chairman of the investment advisory committee for a single-family office after holding the position of President (interim). He has been a trusted advisor to this family office for several years. John represents the family’s interest in several operating companies by way of board positions. He also managed a business for the family office that seeded several managers in the alternative asset space.

Prior to assuming this position, John was the Chief Investment Officer and ran the investment committee for a newly created single-family office and was responsible for asset allocation and risk management.

John started his career as an options trader on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, eventually becoming a partner at Cooper Neff and Associates. Cooper Neff was a pioneer in quantitative proprietary trading and grew to be one of the largest option market makers and statistical arbitrage traders at the time. At Cooper Neff, John founded the London office and traded derivatives on fixed income instruments, commodities, and equities. That firm was sold to BNP Paribas in 1995, at which time, John became an Executive Vice President. While at BNP, John managed the NY fixed income derivatives team and led an initiative that commercialized portions of the proprietary trading IP.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, John is also on the board of directors for Verger Capital Management, which is an outsourced CIO started by Wake Forest University. He is a board member of Wincoram Asset Management, which provides financial solutions to natural resource companies. John is involved in several School Choice and Urban Education initiatives.

John received his undergraduate degree in Business and Economics from Rutgers University and earned a Master of Liberal Arts studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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