Pat McCauley

Credit Committee

Pat McCauley is CEO and Owner of Bridgewell Agribusiness LLC (BWAB) and Coppice Commodities; both companies are commodity-based sales and trading companies headquartered in Portland, Oregon. BWAB sources food and agricultural products for industrial and retail food companies, collaborating with customers to solve complex supply chain and logistics problems. Coppice imports and exports an array of lumber products, ranging from bulk commodity to custom milled products across a range of commercial applications.

In January 2018, Pat purchased BWAB from Bridgewell Resources, where he served as President and CEO since October 2013. Bridgewell Resources is a similar platform to BWAB, focusing on sales and trading of lumber-based products across a range of construction, utility, and retail markets. Coppice was founded in 2022 as a logical extension of BWAB’s platform and the management team’s collective experience.

Prior to Bridgewell, Pat spent 22 years at Susquehanna International Group (SIG), a global quantitative financial trading firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At SIG, Pat held a number of key positions including COO, Head of Business Development, Head of Equity Trading and Head of Trader Development and Education.

Pat has a broad range of entrepreneurial experience, managing and growing a wide range of highly successful businesses. He is a strong analytical and strategic thinker with significant operational experience. Pat’s greatest passion is teaching, training and developing employees, working to help his team realize its full potential.

Pat is an expert in the application of Decision Science to solving business problems. He regularly conducts seminars that explore the principles of Decision Science applied to managerial decision-making and strategic business management. In addition, he has developed a curriculum that he has taught as an independent study course for local high school students.

Pat resides in Portland with his wife, three sons and two dogs. In his free time, Pat pursues his passion for playing golf and watching professional sports, especially the Philadelphia Eagles and Portland Trail Blazers.

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